Why Become a 32° Mason?

Although there is no higher degree than that of a Master Mason, the 29 degrees of the Scottish Rite serve to enrich the philosophy of the Symbolic Lodge. A Mason who chooses to further his Masonic experience by becoming a 32° Scottish Rite Mason will be expanding upon the fundamental principles of Freemasonry.

In the Scottish Rite, you will indeed find an untold wealth of knowledge. It will teach you more about Masonry. It will answer some of the questions raised in the Blue Lodge degrees. It is a sort of “graduate course” in Masonic teachings. In fact, it aids, supplements and reinforces the Blue Lodge in every way. As organizations, these Bodies are mutually dependent because they strengthen each other.

By becoming Scottish Rite, you have an opportunity to expand upon your knowledge of Freemasonry, to widen your circle of friends, and to serve humanity in unique ways.

Notable members of this order include Albert Pike, Buzz Aldrin, Gerald Ford, Harry S Truman, Bob Dole, John Wayne, Michael Richards, Arnold Palmer, Henry Ford, and John Glenn.

Benefits of Membership:

32° Freemasonry makes a real difference in a man’s life, and that of his family.

When a man joins the Scottish Rite he experiences:

  • More fellowship and friendship
  • Continuous Masonic learning
  • Personal and career development
  • Enhanced community respect and trust
  • A worldwide family of men and women
  • A Fraternity dedicated to assisting others
  • Your membership is never taken for granted
  • You will be proud to become a 32° Mason!

Scottish Rite Priorities

First and foremost we take care of our members and their families.

Fraternal – The conferring of Degrees upon new candidates that teach fundamental moral lessons.

Fellowship – Regular Reunions for new and current members; Scottish Rite Clubs throughout Michigan; Leadership development opportunities, and active support of Symbolic Lodges and Masonic Youth Groups.

Family – Dramatic plays and musical entertainment, holiday dinners and dances, along with various activities scheduled throughout the year.

Civic – Scottish Rite sponsors “32° Masonic Learning Center for Children” diagnosed with dyslexia.  In addition, 32° Masons serve on countless volunteer organizations, hold public and elected public offices, and assist in various other charities.

Philanthropies – Scottish Rite in Michigan sponsors the Michigan Scottish Rite Fund which distributes generous annual grants to Masonic and Community organizations, and scholarships to young adults.

The real value of membership is measured by the way we live our lives every day, exemplifying the attributes of a 32° Mason!

How can I join? Do I have to be invited?

Freemasonry is a fraternity whose membership must be sought by the candidate. So, in other words, to be a Mason, ask a Mason how to become a member.

To become a Scottish Rite Mason, you must first be a Master Mason in good standing who possesses high moral and ethical standards, respected character, and personal honor. You may approach a 32° Scottish Rite Mason to take the next step into the Scottish Rite.

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